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Once your dress has arrived in the boutique and been thoroughly checked, we will contact you by letter with all the details of what you need to do next.  Your first appointment will be for your accessories.  This is a great chance to try on anything you have to go with the dress, or to order anything that you may need from us, we have an excellent choice of tiaras, veils and jewellery to suit every style.

If you have opted in to our Care and Alterations package, (this is at an extra charge) we will now schedule your fittings with our seamstress team.  It is extremely rare that a dress will not need altering as they are not made to measure but ordered from a size chart to suit your measurements.  The number of fittings will vary from bride to bride but we will see you as many times as needed to make your dress fit perfectly, therefore we ask our brides to be as flexible as possible with regards to their appointments.   We offer an alteration package when you order your dress, which means that no matter how much work we do to the dress, you only pay one set amount.  Our highly qualified seamstress works on the premises so you can be assured your pinning and alterations will be done to the highest standard.

Whenever our seamstress has done any work on the dress, we will need you to come back and check the alterations are perfect. Many brides count these fittings as one of their highlights in the lead up to their big day.

It is important that you bring the underwear and shoes that you are wearing on the day to every fitting.  We cannot do any alterations without these as they will affect the fit of the dress.

As the fitting process is just as special as choosing the dress in the first place, we ask that you limit the number of people you bring with you.  Plus, we have learnt that crisp new dress's, pins and scissors do not mix with small children, where ever possible please do not bring them to your fittings.

Our fittings are carried out mid week, not on Saturdays.  This is due to the fact that Saturdays are very busy and lots of people may be walking around the shop,  We don’t want your beautiful new dress out with lots of people around also our seamstress department is closed on Saturdays.   We offer a late evening appointment in each boutique, Silsden on a Tuesday and Colne on a Thursday with the last appointments being 8.45pm for brides to come after work to have their alterations done if this is more convenient.

Throughout the fitting process, your dress will be stored on the premises in a special dress bag, before being steamed and titivated before you collect it.